Consulate General of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Toronto, Canada

Pension Life Certificates

Life Certificates are notarized free of charge for pensioners who are receiving their National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pensions, Government Service, Sugar Estate pensions and all other pensions from Guyana.

The procedures for obtaining Life Certificates are as follows:

  • The pensioner must appear in person before the Consular Officer with their Passports or other form photo identification.
  • Obtain pension form free of charge from the Consulate.
  • In cases where the pensioner cannot appear in person due to medical or other reasons, the Consulate will be making scheduled home visit to accommodate these pensioners within the General Toronto Area and facilitating video calls for those outside of the General Toronto Area
  • The pensioner/Consular Officer completes the Form
  • The Consular Officer witnesses the signature of the pensioner and notarise the Life Certificate.
  • The pensioner is issued with the notarised Life Certificate and is responsible for forwarding same to the relevant ¬†organization in Guyana

Important Information

Please note that pensions are not remitted overseas directly by NIS or the Government, but can be paid into a Bank Account that has the pensioner’s name on it in Guyana or to an authorised person. If the pensioner wishes to have the money wire transferred to his/her Bank in Canada,¬† he/she is responsible for requesting that transfer from the relevant Bank in Guyana.

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